Terms and conditions

Contained here are the Terms and Conditions which you must read and agree to before registering for the COLLABRAINS Website. Please take the time to read and understand the Terms and Conditions before registering for the international online Academy Website. Existing members shall be informed of these Terms and Conditions once they log in. Continued registration with International online Academy is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time. Please make sure that the email address we have stored for you is current and you can access it. You can update your email address within your Info section once you sign in.


The following expressions are given the following meanings:

(a) “Contract” means the agreement between the Tutor and the Tutee for the Tutor to perform services for the Tutee.

(b) “Collabrain Website” means the website operated by International Online Academy.

(c) “Members” means Tutors and Tutees.

(d) “Tutee” means a person that uses the IOA Website with the intension of entering into a contractual relationship with a Tutor for the provision of tuition services by the Tutor to the Tutee or the Tutee’s parent/guardian.

(e) “Tutor” means a person that has appropriate qualifications and experience to provide tuition services in the areas advertised by the Tutor on the IOA Website, intending to enter into a contract to provide tuition to the Tutee or the Tutee’s nominee.