Payment methods

Cash, checks, and credit card payment methods are available. New types of payment methods can be added as well.

Offline payments

Orders made offline are automatically synchronized when you are reconnected.

Credit/Debit cards

All electronic payments are handled by external payment terminals

Split tenders

A single order can be paid as a split payment between multiple parties as well as with separate payment methods.


Generate and print invoices for your business customers.


Payments are directly integrated into Odoo Accounting to make bookkeeping simple and reliable.

Currency rounding

Prices and payments can be rounded to the smallest denomination of the currency.



Prices & discounts

Set customer prices or offer percentage-based discounts on either a single product or the entire order.

Blazing fast search

Quickly find your customers and products with the built-in search features.

Parallel orders

Put orders aside and process multiple orders at the same time.

Customized receipts

Advertise your current promotions, hours of operation, and upcoming events on your printed receipts.

Weighting at the counter

Calculate product weight during checkout with the electronic scale integration.

Sell on the move

With iPad and Android tablet support, sell anywhere within your store or restaurant.

Dynamic barcodes

Embed price, weight, and discount information directly into your barcodes.

Customer tips

Supports customer tipping either as an added amount or by converting change to a tip.