Recently the Watsan Cell, Local Govt and Rural Development Govt of KP announced the launch of a new smart waste bin management system. This smart bin will provide waste collection information. This is done with the fund of Unicef for TMA Chitral.

The waste collection process is a critical aspect for the service providers. The traditional way of manually monitoring the waste in waste bins is a complex, cumbersome process. It utilizes more human effort, time, and cost which is not compatible with present-day technologies. Mismanagement of waste especially domestic, industrial , and environmental waste is a root cause for many of the human problems. Such problems include pollution and various diseases. This has adverse effects on the hygiene of living beings.

 To overcome these problems

Puretech the main vendor; has designed and developed the smart waste bin in collaboration with technical partner Chipspace. This smart waste bin helps in the auto-management of waste. This is done without human interaction to maintain a clean environment.

PureTech management said, “Firstly, we understand that the waste collection mechanism is not very efficient and easy to execute. Secondly, it consumes more fuel and human effort to collect the waste and dispose it. Therefore, we have designed and developed a smart waste bin which helps the waste collection staff”.

PureTech further added, “this bin helps the higher authorities to make effective policies regarding waste management. It can reduce the fuel consumption and carbon emission sharply. This will protect the environment from the pollution.”

In short, the smart waste bin is providing real-time waste volume level which notifies the concerned departments on reaching a high level. This smart waste bin directs the waste collectors at the time of need.

Benefits of using Smart waste Bin

•  Managed in real-time, it will stop the overflowing of waste bins along roadsides and localities.
•  It has low filling and cleaning time. As a result, empty and clean dustbins will be available to common citizens.
•  By using the routing algorithm, it will smartly find the shortest route. So this will reduce number of vehicles used for garbage collection.
•  It will send SMS and push notification to alert and notify the concerned staff.
•  Improved customer service by lifting bins that need a collection.

Smart Waste-bin provides smart technology for waste system. It reduces human time and effort. This results in a healthy and waste ridden environment.
This project helps in preserving the natural areas, shopping malls, residencies. This is to reduce waste pollution by the smart waste bin for better waste management.