Remotely control electric appliances with efficiency is the ideal. If a person want to control any electric appliance like lights, fans, AC, Heater, then it is necessary to be there with these appliances. Automatic and remotely control of electric loads is the wish of its user.

Smart Electric Control Board

Human wants change and it is in human nature. But if the change is positive and productive then it becomes need of everyone.

‘Electric Lights, Fans and other Appliances Control via Smart Phone and Remote’. This particular product is the one but a major component of home automation i.e. the smart control and monitor of electric appliances. This system allow user to control home or office electric appliances like lights, AC, heater, fans, and other appliances through smartphone and remote.

A smart electric control board is a replacement of a conventional electric switchboard. It provides control through a membrane keypad interface rather than conventional switch buttons. Moreover, it can be controlled via remote control and smartphone. Smartphone needs to be authenticated through a password, which will be associated with an email address.


It consists of two main components. One is the smart electric board which is like one node of the network while the other is the main control panel which is the central or main panel and can control all the smart boards in the house/office.


1. GSM based control

User can send an SMS from any remote place to instruct the main panel to do actions, like turning on AC unit, individual room on/off or even turning on/off the individual appliance in a room.

2. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi based control

Users can access every room as well as every load in a room through smart phone (android/iPhone).

3. Touch-based control

User can control each room and its loads at home as well as set parameters according to the requirement with a soft capacitive touchscreen.

4. Parameter Display

Our main panel provide list of parameters. Currently we have only voltage, current display in conventional main panels.

1.  RMS Voltage

2.  RMS overall Current

3.  RMS individual current consumed by each room

4.  Line frequency in Hertz

5.  The power factor of overall home

6.  True overall Power

7.  Reactive overall power

8. Apparent overall power

9. True individual Power for each room

10. Reactive individual Power for each room

11.  Apparent individual Power for each room

12.  Units consumed in overall home

13.  Units consumed in each room.

5. Room Status Display

User can see every room and every appliance on/off status either through Main panel screen or smart phone application.

6. Automatic Generator switching

This panel provides automatic switching to Generator. When there is any breakdown in the power line, the system will automatically transferred to Generator or backup power line.

7. Alarm system

This panel has alarm system in case of any fault or mishap.

8. Automatic Overload Circuit Breaker

System will automatically turn off a room if an overload condition occurs and will wait for a time specified by a user in settings, after timeout if the condition still exists System will permanently turn off that specific room otherwise system will turn on that room. In case of permanent off condition user has to turn it on either through smart phone or going to a main panel and turn it on from there. User can set the maximum current to any value in a range supported by a system e.g. if our system is 30Amp for each room then user can set the maximum value from 0 to 30amp on which overload condition will occur.

9. Automatic Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

Earth leakage is a state in which either device gets faulty or user get some electric shock so if this condition occurs, System will automatically turn off a room and will wait for a time specified by a user in settings, after timeout if condition still exist System will permanently turn off that specific room otherwise system will automatically turn on that room. In case of permanent off condition, user has to turn it on either through a smartphone or going to the main panel and turn it on from there.

10. Automatic Over Voltage Circuit Breaker

User will initialize the system with minimum and maximum voltage value in a range of 0-400v so if voltage either gets smaller form minimum value or get larger from maximum value System will automatically turn off all rooms after that if voltage comes again in a range all rooms will be automatically turned on.

11. Internet of Things

User can control and monitor all the details related to electric loads status and different parameters in it via the internet from a remote location.

Applications of the system

  • Energy Management
  • Facility for physically impaired persons
  • Single remote for complete home automation i.e. smartphone app
  • Luxury


Control electric appliances likes AC, Doors, Heaters, Lights, fans, Password protected, Instant open/close, Status visible to the user in mobile app, schedule control, internet of things.