The Promotion and Launch Strategy is absolutely Necessary to ensuring that your App is a success. If you’ are looking for paths to successfully launch and promote your newly built App or want to discover new strategies to help increase downloads for your-existing App, this App promotion guide will introduce you to many essential strategies that can be used to successfully launch, promote and increase downloads for your Android or iPhone.

Best Marketing Strategies for App Store and Google play

If you have developed a mobile app for Google or Apple store, you already have faced the tough turf of competition. If you Like to standout then use the following app marketing strategies that can guarantee you success to a large extent.

Research target market

To start marketing your app, you should define your target audience. Don’t try to reach everyone. Choose and target a particular group of consumers or user at which your product is aimed and create their profile.

Perform competitor research

Knowing about your competitors will help you to communicate with your target audience, distinguish your business from competitors, improve your processes, and navigate challenges in your market.

Start App Store Optimization (ASO)

Rank your developer account on App store App Store to get high traffic. More then 65% of apps are discover on organic search using App Store Optimization techniques directly. Once your app acquires good rank in search for a certain keyword, it will continue to rank for months after.

Main factors that affect your App store ASO

  • Bundle identifier
  • Title
  • Sub Title
  • Keywords Text field
  • Promotional text
  • Description

Main factors that affect your Google play ASO

  • Bundle identifier
  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Long description
  • Rating and reviews
  • Icon
  • Screenshot

Create a landing page that sells

Create a mobile app landing page that engage readers in a creative and affective way. Make sure that the landing page includes the key elements of your mobile app i.e. app name, features, clear call to action, promo video.

Create viral video content

Humans are visual creatures; So, videos are the most popular source of content Marketing nowadays. You can create unique video for YouTube as it’s a powerful tool to spread or communicate your message about your product to digital world.

Select the right app category

Try to choose a less competitive relevant category so your app can rank easily to high position. It is very important that to select a relevant category for your app/game. Choosing irrelevant category can kill your app on the app store/ Google Play store.

Start a blog

Tell your audience about the development process. Blogging can build interest around your product and provides better search visibility. Select target keywords, create quality content, and link to influences to improve your blog’s search engine rankings.

A/B testing

This is one of the best ways to improve its conversion rate. A/B Test your app icon, app video, screenshots, and descriptions to boost conversions.

Localize your app

There are tons of people who would love to use your app but will never find it because it’s not in their language. Change this by localizing your app.

Reach your audience with social networks

Social media can help you to reach your potential customers more easily. Social networks provide you control an access to important data about users’ hobbies, interests, and so on. This information can help businesses to target their advertisements. For example, Facebook Ads allows you to customize advertising as accurately as possible since ads are targeted solely at your potential users.

Capitalize on mobile visits to your website

Mobile searches now overtake desktop so it’s more important than ever to ensure that your website is optimized for mobile. You can also boost downloads by promoting visits to your website via mobile to download your app with a mobile smart app banner.

Submit your app to multi store

  • Getjar
  • Amazon app store
  • Aptoid
  • Opera mobile store

Measure your app KPIs

Regular analysis of your mobile app KPIs will help you gain the best insights into your idea so you’ll know how well your app is doing. Let’s consider the most important KPIs to pay attention to when assessing your app’s success.

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