No matter how beautiful you write your prose, you will never achieve high search rankings until and unless you follow the standard SEO tips.

Below are some SEO tips and tricks that will greatly boost up your high search rank earnings.

1. Use long-tail keywords

Long-tail words are those which contains three or more than three words. They make your page more open for the users to be searched.

Google extracts information from your long-tail keyword and learns what is your page all about. When user search something related to your page, google will place your page in leading sites.

If you use a short-tail keyword (one or two words), then it becomes difficult for google to know what the user wants to search for specially.

So, if you want your page to appear in the first lead for users, try to use specific long-tail keywords.

2. Improve site load time

User want to open up a site quickly. So, if your site takes too long to load, you will lose your rank.

Try to improve your site load time because user wants and expect to get information quickly, as their time is also precious.

3. Include other relevant links

If you share some one’s else valuable and relevant content, you are actually making him or her valuable. In return they will share your content and page in their own page and as a result, you can become rank leader.

4. Unique and relevant meta description for each page

Well written meta description is one of the most SEO tip because this the first thing that users see when your site appears.

Google hates duplicate content, so try to write unique meta descriptions for different pages.

5. Include online video content

Users like video contents because videos are more helpful to them. Google wants to provide their users what they like. So include online video contents, and google will place you in higher ranks for video content searches.

6. Make your site secure

Make your site secure by HTTP trick. HTTP makes site safe and secure because it does not allow to alter or corrupt the user data.

If your site is safe, users will share their data with you without hesitation. They will use your site more and consequently your site can gain higher ranks.

7. Improve mobile version of your site

According to recent BrightEdge research, 57% website traffic comes from mobile devices.

So try to optimize mobile version of the site.

Make sure that mobile has easy and quick access to your site. Also images should be loaded easily on device.

Remember, keywords are also different for mobile and desktop.

8. Use more images

When you use images to your content, you add keyword in alt attributes of the image. This increases your chances to earn high search rank

Also, images attract your readers so you can get traffic easily.

9. Write easy content

When you write easy and understandable content, you can get high SEO score for it.

Try to make short sentences. Avoid difficult words. Make your content simple, clear and elegant.

10. Best page title

The title of your page matters a lot. It helps search engine to know what your page is all about. So if user search for some data relevant to your content, search engine will bring your page in front of them, if you have chosen proper page title.