If you’re trying to lose weight, work on your fitness, eat better, or reduce your stress, your iPhone can be a helpful tool when paired with the right apps.

We scoured the landscape to find the best iPhone apps to help you stay healthy and fit, regardless of your schedule.

We’ve looked at a variety of fitness apps in categories like weight loss, running, yoga, strength training, and health and wellness. Let’s get started!

Get Fit in 30 Days

Get fit in 30 days | workout at home or gym is designed to help improve health and fitness. Take a few minutes a day to stay in shape. If you want to lose weight and shape your body in your home, garden, gym. Then this free Get fit in 30 days | workout at the home app is best for you. This app has Animated Gifs for each workout so you can easily follow through the most effective home exercises.

Nike’s official app

Based on your goals and fitness level, Nike’s official app has a library of 30- to 45-minute workouts,  and for the foreseeable future, the NTC Premium version is available free of charge. Nike has partnered with Nike Master Trainers to deliver 4- to 6-week workouts and programs that cover sleep, recovery, and mindset. You’ll also get access to on-demand classes and whiteboard workouts for gym-style training. The app explains how to execute each exercise with how-to videos and even lets you share your accomplishments on social networks. Nike updates this app frequently, so you’ll now see free Medball Crush and Straight-Up Abs on the roster, as well as new expert tips about weight training and yoga.


Carrot is an artificial intelligence construct that threatens, inspires, ridicules, and bribes — whatever it takes — to get you moving. It’s an ironic motivator that features a seven-minutes-in-hell workout that dictates 30 seconds of 12 punishing exercises — and will berate you if you don’t. Warning: If you stray from your weight goals too much, it will upset Carrot, whereupon she will call you nasty names and make you cry. So be a good, fat, lazy meat bag, okay?

Argus: Calorie Counter & Step

Argus is a neat all-in-one meal planner and activity tracker that monitors your sleep, heart rate, calories, and more. The app offers fitness challenges, as well as the option to build your own workout plan. You can also add the food you eat by scanning the barcode on the label to track your calories.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter

Lose It tracks food intake and fitness activities. Plugin your height, weight, age, and your weight goals. Then the app will recommend a net calorie intake based on calories you consume vs. what you burn. The app recently added saturated fat to its premium tracker and sends recipe ingredients as separate food items to the Apple Health App. Recently updated versions feature a redesigned and simplified camera that combines the barcode scanner and food image recognition into a single view. Now, you can point the camera at a barcode or a food item and it recognizes it, logging the nutritional details. There’s also a new button on the log screen to help you add previous meals. You can now set a fixed calorie budget that won’t change, and hide meal targets on the Log Screen via Meal Settings.


Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal boasts a database of more than 5 million foods to sort through. This makes it easier to track what you eat. It also features a step tracker and a barcode scanner to make sure you’re able to track everything in your diet.

Lifesum: Diet & Macro Tracker

Lifesum is a weight loss app that works with apps from Withings and RunKeeper for an accurate assessment of your daily calorie intake. It features a built-in barcode scanner that can pull up nutritional data on millions of food items. Now, all your historical data for exercise, water tracking, and habit tracking is accessible regardless of when you recorded it. The newest versions feature a Sugar Detox Meal Plan to help cut back on sugar, support for Voice control, Apple’s dark mode, and Sign In With Apple.

Fitocracy – Fitness Collective

Fitocracy is for competitive fitness freaks. The personal trainer lets you track workouts and encourages you to work toward real-life goals. This is done through a leveling system and achievements you can show off to your friends and the Fitocracy community.

Cyclemeter – Cycling & Running

Looking to shed some weight on a bicycle instead of a treadmill? This app will help you do exactly that. Cyclemeter is accurate and great at collecting data. It can also track various walking and running metrics, though you might not get as much data. If cycling is your preferred fitness routine, this is the app for you.